InSide.SplitFish [TEAM.ISSF] is an official F A N P A G E of Splitfish Gameware and reports on new releases and updates of various gaming products. 
They give you tips and tricks to improve the gameplay and information about the individual hardware settings.  
Among other things, they record videos or live streams and explain the possibilities of the equipment. 

They also moderate the forum of this website. Here, your questions about the individual products will be answered. 

zD WeeZe is the founder and project manager of this Internet platform. 
He has been active in eSports for over 25 years and has extensive experience in this field. 
He himself was a 2-year pro, in the ESL Pro Series [EPS]. 
After that he founded the console-team eQ eSport e.V. or later renamed to Team eVoLuTion e.V. 
This team won many German championships in the Sony Playstation league and was known beyond the borders of Europe. 
For more than 4 years, he was the CEO of this eSport company and headed up the peronal management and the marketing department. 
Since 2010 he oversees the project InSide.Splitfish. Among other things, he is responsible for the overall organization and the support of TEAM.ISSF. 


 MR_DAN666 comes from the beautiful Carinthia in Austria and joined the TEAM.ISSF in 2013. 
He has been playing on PC and consoles for more than 10 years and has been learning the products of Splitfish Gameware through this team. 
Among other things, MR_DAN666 is responsible for creating test reports and recording YouTube videos. 
Furthermore, he is the moderator of our forum and provides support on various. 

Another plus is his flexibility in gameplay. He is an excellent shooter-player and a specialist for MMO games. 

LordDinok666 is a long-time PC player and since 2017 in TEAM.ISSF. 
Since he is a passionate mouse user, he was looking for a substitute for the console. 
When he joined the TEAM.ISSF, he found the products of Splitfish Gameware. 
An experienced mouse player, who has been gambling for over 10 years, is a support in the exchange of experiences. 
Through his reviews and well-founded suggestions, he supports the team in the information exchange with the various companies. 


 Commonwealth is a long-term companion of zD WeeZe. 
He has been working in eSport for over 20 years and has extensive experience in this field. 
Together with zD WeeZe, he founded eQ eSport e.V. or later renamed into team eVoLuTion e.V. 
For more than 4 years he was deputy CEO of this eSport association and headed the community area. 
Since 2010, he has been in an advisory capacity and supports the team on various platforms. 
Thanks to his many years of experience in the field of consoles and as an official Sony beta tester he is a valuable component.